Refrigerant is the chemical in your air conditioner that eliminates humid and heat from your room’s air. The air conditioning system will not remove the heat and humid if the refrigerant level is very low. The lower refrigerant cause could be either leakage in the evaporator or wear and tear of the refrigerant. When you are faced with this problem, it is recommended to get help from the air conditioning service. They provide professional technicians who will check the system, refill the refrigerant, and ensure it is working.

Generally, there are two sets of fans in an air conditioner. One fan blows your home air, cooling the air and removing moisture. Another fan expels the heat and the humidity through the outlet hose. There are chances that these fans will get damaged if the motor is worn out. Another reason it will stop functioning is if there is a thick layer of dirt in the fan blades. A faulty fan will disable poor airflow. Do not prolong to call air conditioner service professional, as it may cause compressor failure.

Heating and aircon repair consists of evaporator coil and dirty condenser coil. The evaporator coil works with the refrigerant to remove heat and moisture for the room air. Dirty condenser coil blows out the heat and moisture removed by the evaporator coil. Ensure that the ducts of your air conditioning system are clean to receive cold airflow. If the ductwork has leakage or break, there may be no flow of cold air at all. Insect nesting or improper installation could be the possible causes of this leakage or breakage.

The drain line allows the moisture to leave from the air conditioner. The water flows into a pan before it flows down the drain. And if your air conditioner is in working condition, the pan will not overflow. But sometimes, the drain gets blocked, causing overflow in the pan. When this happens, it will damage your air conditioner, and even your walls will be damaged. It will be best if you hire a professional aircon service technician to unclog the drain.

An ac system is critical to provide a good quality of sleep. If your body temperature is cold, you may sleep and wake up in a fantastic mood. As the climate gets hotter each year, the death count due to heatstroke is increasing. With the development of global warming, having an air conditioner installed will resolve many problems brought on by temperature.


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